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You can directly register your society on our website. All you need to do is click on the ‘Packages’ tab, fill in the required details of your society and get your registration done.
You can get your society registered for an exclusive promo code, making your registrations free. Then you choose a plan from the ‘Packages’ tab to complete you society’s registration on TL for free. Once you register, all your services will be activated on our platform.
. Our software offers a wide range of services like placing an order for the need of a plumber or electrician to any clean-up work to small renovations; we have all services ready to be placed on our platform.
Yes, you will both get an e-mail and a SMS once you get your society registered. The confirmations will be sent to your registered mobile number and mail confirming the details of your registration.
The order can be placed directly from the software or mobile app where you first need to choose your particular society, and then choose the particular service you want and the service will be booked directly.
Yes, you will get notified once you place an order, both on your registered mobile number and e-mail. You can also keep a track of your orders directly from your TL account on our site or mobile app.
Yes, we have an exclusive mobile app available offering similar services and purposes for labours on iOS and Android platforms. Society plumbers, electricians and other labours can use the app.
Yes, you will be getting timely alerts and other notifications related to any sort of orders and services placed by the society owner or the in-charge of the society controlling the TL account.
As an individual, you can directly pay your due amount to the society account, and we will directly or as a whole will charge the society for all the services rendered by TL in the mean course of time.
We offer easy payment options, so the society can pay according to their convenience, cash, card or wallet. We have our exclusive TL Wallet available which you can use to pay for orders to earn more discounts.
Yes, you can change or edit your bank details at any point of time you want. All you need to do is log in to your TL account on your site or mobile app and change the banking details as per your concern.
Yes, you can. Created especially for societies and complexes, the software or app comes with Bulk SMS facility where you can text or intimate all your flat owners and tenants at one go from the TL app or site.
Yes, you can create a festival or event directly from the TL app or site and send the details to all your society members directly. Also, you can charge your members directly from the app for your event or festival.
Yes, you can edit or add any service directly from the TL app or site, where you need to log in with your credentials and go to Services section and you will find all the details regarding adding or editing any service.
Yes, you can add labour to your TL platform from your society. All you need to do is visit your TL account by logging in and then go to Labour section. Here is a ‘Add Labour’ option available for adding labours manually.

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