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TownConnect is a cloud based platform that offers a Software for Apartment Complexes/ Gated Communities and an app for its Residents for services such as Society Management, Security & Visitor Management and Home Services under a single platform.

TownConnect Residents App

An app specially built to help and assist flat owners and property owners.

TownConnect Visitor Management App

The app lets the security guard to communicate with residents by sharing visitor picture and info.

TownConnect Workforce Management App

The service provider or the technician will be able to see all the daily tasks assigned to him/her and concerned authority of the society or complex will be able to see and track the progress of the service order and work done.

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Step 1: Pick a Service

Choose from wide range of Services to meet your needs.

You cannot take for granted the benefits of keeping things clean, whether you're talking about your home or office. And because you can be too busy with your own work, you probably cannot do everything yourself. Hiring professionals from TownConnect are then your best option.

Step 2: Make Payment

Choose the mode of payment that best suits you: Cash or online.

No hassles of bargaining rates with the technician after the job, we guarantee our rates to you beforehand for a convenient and relaxing experience. You make the payment and get the invoice online for your convenience and a fast service experience.

Step 3: Get Work Done

You can’t control everything. Sometimes you just need to relax & have faith that things will work out.

Besides the beautiful atmosphere, it is healthier if you occupy the services offered by TownConnect. So, what are you waiting for? Whether you are looking for a regular cleaning service on a weekly or monthly basis or a onetime cleaning, with TownConnect you can relax, refresh, and recharge

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